napResearch has shown that less sleep dulls your mind and creativity. When your body is as rested as it needs, more or less, you make good decisions and have great ideas. Why not get the sleep you need? Well, you might be worrying too much. Being an entrepreneur is tough, but that isn't actually a good reason to stay up all night. Here are two ideas to get enough sleep, and give yourself room to relax a little too.

Have an Emergency Plan Ready

The more prepared you are to deal with a bad situation, the easier it is to keep your head in the game and your emotions out of it. Using your emotions to judge a situation can lead to horrible decisions and more stress than necessary. Instead, set up guidelines for your employees. Make it perfectly clear how they should deal with any situation that comes upon them. Give them scripts and show them how to deal with pissed off employees. Figure out how to set yourself up for success, and know how you’re going to handle a situation before it happens so you don’t stay up all night with regret.

Free Time Stays Free

Instead of working hours past your deadlines, settle down and once you get out of work, stay out of work. We know what it’s like to be a 24/7 entrepreneur, and to have a constant obligation to your business. However, you can’t be awake all of the time, and you’re entitled to a few hours of “you” time.

It's easy to constantly have your mind on work every hour of every day, but honestly, it isn't good for you. Set up a plan for what to do in emergencies, and trust that it will be followed rather than constantly worrying. When you leave work, that should be time to spend on something else important to you.