Everyone needs to work together and have an excellent time doing so. Small groups offer options to troubles that can have not been found otherwise, and working together makes best use of the strength of everybody involved.
Tear Down the Walls
Instead of having strict walls in between all of your cubicles so nobody can look at one another and talk, remove the walls. Push the desks up against each other so everyone can speak without having to get up and walk around a wall. It encourages friendly and open communication with everyone in the instant location. A modification in how everybody connects with each other will be instantly obvious.
Don't Always Continue to be in the Office
You do not require to get out every day, however as soon as a week is good for everyone. Take everyone out to lunch and close the workplace for an hour. Doing so will motivate individuals to become friends in your office instead of simply coworkers, making sure that working together is an easier and more favorable experience.
Watch What You State
Rather of utilizing language that makes you look like the employer, attempt making use of language that makes you look like a team player and urge the others in your workplace to do the exact same. Merely rewording the method you state things can make individuals feel like they're even more of a group and less like individuals just attempting to get work done.