179395_1431Are you worried about a negative atmosphere in your workplace? It may be tricky to get people who don't like each other much to work together, but it's not impossible. Avoid the two problems below, and you'll see peace in your business.


Speaking Carelessly


Our mouths often run faster than our brains, and because of this, sometimes we say things that aren’t appropriate. Sometimes it comes in the form of a bad joke, and sometimes it’s much worse: a direct insult or rude comment. Just slow down and think about everything before you say it – and encourage your employees to do the same.


Complaining Constantly


Your words, like everyone else's, have a ton of power. And who do they hold the most power over? You. Whining about your issues - unless you're venting with a direct purpose - always makes you feel worse, and never better. If something is wrong, don't waste time complaining about it. Instead, make the situation better, and improve upon your circumstances. Unless, of course, your goal is to whine and complain about something forever, you do eventually have to step up and make something positive happen. So there's no reason to waste time. Put some effort forth and fix it now. Don't just talk about how wrong it is and unfortunate it is that it happened to you. Convince yourself that you can make things better, and how you will indeed accomplish your goal - even if it means talking to yourself about how you can do so. If need be, you can have the same conversation with your friends and colleagues, and talk to them about how they can make things better, too. Brainstorm with them, help them help themselves. Be a shoulder to cry on, but then work on the issue together. Friends don't let friends complain constantly - friends help friends become stronger, more positive people.


There's more to work than just what you do, what you say matters too. Think before you speak, and use your mouth for something other than whining, and you'll get along better with just about everyone.