1184809_six_booksEveryone wants more time in the day, or better ways to use time. We may feel absolutely overwhelmed and incapable of getting everything done, but that's not actually the case. By changing a few habits, it's not hard to open up more time than you could ever imagine. Try the two ideas below, and see if your life doesn't feel more relaxed.

Be Ready Long Before You Need To

Do you have a project due? Do you know a meeting is upcoming and you have something you need to do that day? Prepping for things ahead of time can save you stress and time in the end. A project that is due on the same day that you have a three hour meeting should be finished before the meeting begins. When it comes to life, prepping your breakfast before you go to sleep at night can guarantee a stress-free morning meal when you wake up the next day. Finding easy ways to stay ahead of the game will make your life feel more organized.

Find Out Where the Time Actually Goes

There are 168 hours in a single week. That’s a ton of hours, and though some of them aren’t usable (you do have to sleep, after all), the rest of the time is being spent on other things. Do you even know why you didn’t have any time last week to get that project finished, or did you just say you were “too busy”? Figure out your own schedule and figure out where your extra hours are going. The average person has 30 hours a week that they can delegate to the tasks they wish to do. Where are your 30 hours going? Figure it out and reclaim them.

Many times, we feel like we're out of time because we're inadequately prepared. So figure out where your time actually goes, reorganize it to actually get the most out of it, and then get ready for everything coming up. When the due dates actually come, you won't feel nearly as rushed, and you'll have more time to spend the way you actually want.