1275249_study_tableIf your website isn’t getting any traffic, it’s unlikely you’ll have the opportunity you need to make any money. And that’s only okay if you can find a new way or two to get some clickthroughs to your website. If you’re looking to do it quickly, you may be in luck with the following tips.

Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is a cheap, easy way to gain traffic to almost any website. Facebook alone has almost a billion users, all of which have the opportunity to like your Facebook page and navigate to your website. Make sure that you choose one or two of these websites to really focus on. Otherwise, you’ll spread yourself too thin.

Check Out Other Media

Running social media pages isn’t enough these days, as you still have to uniquely engage the audience you wish to visit your website. So how does one do that? One of the ways to show your audience that you know what you’re talking about is to run a blog or a Podcast. By running one or more of these types of media, you’ll be marketing to more than the social media audience and have a better chance of scoring business.

SEO – the Proper Way

A lot of people struggle a lot with SEO tactics, especially since the field is consistently and constantly changing. Of course you probably know about keywording or link architecture, but you have to know about other things, like backlinking (and linking to trusted sources yourself). If you create something cool, people will link back to you without any nudging.