1115760_32142631Being rude with your smartphone is sometimes not even your own fault. It’s easy to make someone feel like they’re being neglected when all you do is answer a phone call that’s important to you. However, because we are professionals and we need to consider all of our clients (and not just the one on the phone), it’s important we follow the new smartphone etiquette that had to be invented because of the widespread use of these new cellular devices. Here are a few rules you may want to consider.

There are People Around You

If you’re talking to a client at a party, it’s pretty obvious you don’t watch to ditch them to look at your Facebook. However, is it so obvious while you’re walking around the store, or taking a hike in the mountains? Probably not. The fact is that no matter what you’re doing, you should be showing respect for those around you all of the time. A message can wait most of the time, and so can a phone call. Interact with the people who are staring at you talk to yourself while you’re on a Bluetooth.

No One Really Wants to Hear Your Notification Sounds

Some notification sounds are absolutely hilarious when they’re appropriate. However, if you’re in the middle of a business meeting and your quacking text message notification goes off, you’re just going to tick off and disrupt the majority of people. Don’t put it on vibrate, either; sometimes the sound of a vibrate is even louder and more annoying than a ringtone. Just put it on silent and check it after your meeting to respect all those who are also trying to listen to what is being said.