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US Faces Ongoing Cyber Espionage

Per a recently released national security document, the US is under cyber-attack, and has been for several years now. The document says that allegedly, China is the number one cyberthreat in ...

Wanna Promote a Trend? Hand Over $200,000

Twitter’s only becoming more popular, and their recent price increase for many of their paid services lets the rest of us know that they are aware of that fact. Twitter’s new ...

More Sales Can Be as Easy as Making a Video

Technology has advanced so much these days, that now it’s feasible to make a professional-quality video from your office desk or even your own living room. But what are we supposed ...

New Malware Allows PC Microphone to Record You

Although currently this Malware is confined to Androids, that doesn’t mean it won’t be making an appearance on your other operating systems soon. A few applications in the Google Play Store ...


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