First and foremost, we're committed to your success. Every task we perform or recommendation we make is made with your success in mind.

We recognize that good intentions aren't enough. We make ongoing investments in our own infrastructure to deliver First Class Support.

We're not a one man band that effectively abandons your organization when someone's sick or on vacation. We have a team so your support doesn't go missing in action.

We invest in our staff. We take the time to educate and train our people to make sure they are the best at what they do.

Computer technology is always evolving. What was state of the art last year, might not be competitive this year. We constantly review new products to make sure we can offer the right technology at the right time for the right price. When we find a product we believe might be worthwhile for our customers, we purchase it and perform bench testing. If it makes it through that evaluation, then we do real-world testing by making it a part of our nework. Only after we are successfully using a product do we present it to customers.

We've found that one of the keys to delivering quality is building a repeatable and predictable process. Anytime we believe a task will be done more than twice, we take the time to document the steps required as a best practice for future efforts. Our Best Practices are living documents. Each time we reuse these documents, we update and refine them to create a culture of continuous improvement.

So that's how we work. Now, here's a dozen reasons why our First Class Support is the best way to manage your network:

  • Unlimited remote support during regular business hours for one low monthly fee
  • A help desk that knows your network and is waiting for your call
  • 24 x 7 monitoring allows us to respond to issues before they become problems
  • Automated remote maintenance keeps all your systems up to date
  • Monitored backups (on and off site) to keep your critical data safe
  • Network Administration to catch those things automation doesn't
  • Technology Consulting with your own Virtual CIO at no additional charge
  • Remote access to your business systems while traveling or working from home
  • Proactive (not just reactive) support
  • After hours support is just a phone call away
  • Our work is guaranteed
  • We design in emergency recovery to make your organization's network disaster-proof

Want to know more. What to know how we do it? We're just a phone call away at (805) 640-7979 x202.